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The Story behind just cry pretty




The inspiration was simple for me with this brand because I got sick and tired of people saying things like: “You’re too young to be sick, you don’t look sick, or You’re too pretty to be sick.” I felt so misunderstood because while they saw me as pretty or put together, I felt the total opposite on the inside- I was crying, not literally, but everything in my body, mind, heart, and soul hurt on some many different levels and from that came JUST CRY PRETTY! I wanted to create a badass logo and brand and also give myself a platform to raise awareness and speak out about things I am passionate about! Please check it out and remember that you are all truly BADASS for fighting each day so just know that there will be days when things get shitty and it’s okay to cry, JUST CRY PRETTY!

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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Simple yet complex

Intriguing but complicated

Sophisticated and sassy

bold and beautiful 

strong and independent

We all have a story, yet few will tell theirs.

we all have opinions, but sometimes won't speak.

Why I wanted blog

There has been a burning desire inside my soul to write for as long as I can remember. poetry is a true passion of mine and I love poems that flow and rhyme, I am not into those poems that go something like this: "I like eggs because potatoes are yellow and ducks like water." 🤣 no but in all seriousness, I am basic and like to rhyme- it keeps my brain focused and intrigued.

Aside from poetry, I love to just  write! I feel like I have a lot to say and I feel like people typically receive my messages well. 

Honestly, I could have my own reality t.v. show but since that hasn't happened yet, I thought blogging was my second best option. 


Blogging gives life to my attention deficit disorder! Blogging is the beauty in my struggle because I don't have to remain focused for too long on one particular thing! it has given me the opportunity to share openly and freely basically any and everything that comes to mind!

My goal is to inspire and educate. If one person finds comfort in my words, I will have succeeded!

So no matter what comes your way smile and be ready, look them in the eye and just cry pretty.

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