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"Not all disabilities are visible."

I try really hard not to complain out loud to too many people …. 

Only a few ppl close to me really know what I’m going though…. 

Most people just judge bc they don’t understand….

I usually only share pretty selfies and highlights here bc nobody wants to dwell on a painful reality but every now and then I need to vent…. 

I say this with a humble heart but just know when you say things like “you’re too pretty to be sick,” “you don’t look sick,” or “you’re too young to be sick” it hurts more than it helps….. 

If you could see the reality of what this looks and feels like every single day I think maybe we would all be a little more understanding….

Just look at the picture- it is the most accurate reflection of what my pain feels like every single day…. With the pain comes and entirely different list of symptoms from an overwhelmed nervous system and an exhausted body. 

I am trying to maintain a positive mindset and I will continue to post my selfies …. It may look like arrogance to some, but for me it’s a much needed confidence boost and some of the only times I feel somewhat “normal.” 

I just want people to be aware and stop judging based on what someone looks like bc you cannot SEE a single thing wrong with me by just looking at me…….. so I hope the image puts it into perspective. 

To all my fellow warriors - I know it’s tough, but stay strong!  

Image by Gradienta

I am a warrior and I am strong and courageous.

I find peace along with my pain.

I trust in my body's ability to heal.

My body deserves to be healthy.

Image by Gradienta

My illness does not define me.

I will release my negative feelings and tension.

My intentions are positive.

I will only allow healthy things into my life.

Image by Gradienta

Crying is not a sign of weakness.

I am not alone in my struggles.

I am intelligent and capable.

I am worth it.

I am beautiful.

Image by Gradienta

I am enough.

I can make a difference.

I am an overcomer.

I am worthy of love and happiness.

Image by Milad Fakurian

The Story behind JUST CRY PRETTY:

The inspiration was simple for me with this brand because I got sick and tired of people saying things like: “You’re too young to be sick, you don’t look sick, or You’re too pretty to be sick.” I felt so misunderstood because while they saw me as pretty or put together, I felt the total opposite on the inside- I was crying, not literally, but everything in my body, mind, heart, and soul hurt on some many different levels and from that came JUST CRY PRETTY! I wanted to create a badass logo and brand and also give myself a platform to raise awareness and speak out about things I am passionate about! Please check it out and remember that you are all truly BADASS for fighting each day so just know that there will be days when things get shitty and it’s okay to cry, BUT.... Just Cry Pretty!

JUST WORDS_edited.png
Image by Haris Korovesis

My lyme story

“If you stumble, make it part of the dance.” — Unknown

Like many others my journey with Lyme and chronic illness began many years ago. it took some time to finally pinpoint a diagnosis. things started to change for me health-wise in 2009 following a bad car accident. Click Full Story to read my full story.

Reliable Lyme Resources


Advice from a fellow Lymie:

There is a ton of information out there when it comes to Lyme Disease and it can become overwhelming, confusing, frustrating, and exhausting leaving you feeling hopeless. Be aware of your sources when researching Lyme and remember that everyone will have different opinions and advice. You will need to work together with your provider to determine what works best for you. Your treatment will often require a team of medical providers.

Start low and slow with treatment- it’s trial and error and it is a process. Treatment depends on the patient’s response to medications and herbs and your experience will likely be unique to your journey. Remember you will feel worse before you feel better and this is normal. Don’t be afraid to cut back on treatment and slow things down even more if you need to-this will allow your body to detox properly.

Detox, diet, and detox more! Remember we are what we eat, literally! It is important to give your body the proper nutrition in order to heal. Avoid processed food, sugar, gluten, and dairy, they will keep you feeling bad and hinder your ability to heal. Sugar feeds Lyme and processed food, gluten, and dairy are all inflammatory foods. A key component to fighting Lyme is reducing inflammation in your body and one of the easiest ways to do this is through diet.

You must detox! There is a lot of good information out there on detoxing but simply put, here are a few easy ones:

  • Warm lemon water first thing in the morning

  • Drink at least the daily recommended amount of water for your body weight

  • More lemon water

  • Dry brushing

  • Liposomal glutathione

  • Epsom salt baths

  • Sauna as tolerated/permitted by your medical provider-sweating is good!

Keep your faith! Turn to your higher power, surrender and believe! Accept what is and shift your mindset! Keep a good support system close and weed out negativity in all forms! Join support groups (social media is a good place for this) where you can connect with other’s who also have Lyme Disease, it’s always good to have people you can truly relate to on those difficult days. Remember while these groups are helpful as far as connecting us, it is important to be careful not to become so involved in these groups that it consumes you and takes away from your own healing. Also, many people in these groups share their daily struggles and you must remember not to take all of that in on a daily basis. You want to think positivity and healing, not sickness and symptoms! A suggestion is to turn off notifications for these groups and visit them when you need support or guidance.

Lastly, keep it simple! Be patient and focus on whole body healing, rather than on symptoms and disease-how you talk to yourself matters! Be selfish-to an extent! Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself! Surround yourself with love and positivity-think positive, be positive, and take it one step at a time. 

There will be setbacks, but you will get through them!

Build your team- Find a Lyme Literate doctor or naturopath who specializes in Lyme Disease to help you manage your treatment.

My daily must-haves:

  • Buffered Vitamin C

  • Vitamin D3 

  • Ashwagandha  

  • Glutathione 

  • Curcumin

  • Quercetin

  • Oregano oil 

  • Fish oil


If you are looking for some good inspiration- Google: “Marisol Thomas Honoree speech at GLA’s 2017”  and watch the documentary “Heal!”

The information shared on this page is for informational purposes only, it is my opinion and should not be taken as medical advice. Always  consult your medical provider for medical advice and before starting any new treatment.

Image by Moises Rodriguez

Myths about lyme:

Myth # 3:

Chronic lyme isn't real-chronic lyme is very real and it's debilitating

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