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Lyme Diet

Generally speaking, we all know or have heard by now to avoid foods that will trigger an inflammatory response.

Don't worry, I promise you will have plenty of tasty options available to you and your diet WILL be more than ice cubes and cardboard 😂 (I am joking, please do not eat cardboard)

For to keep things extremely simple, most people do well with a whole food, organic approach.

"They" say you should shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store only! That leaves you the produce and meat section basically. There is obviously more to the grocery store than just those things especially around the perimeter, but the idea is simple- meat and produce.

Organic fruits and veggies when possible! Keep your food clean! Organic, grass-fed meats too. I know that we are all doing what we can to cut costs and save where we can right now, but I promise you do not want to cut corners when it comes to the food you are consuming.

I know it's cliché, but the whole: "You are what you eat" is a real thing!

Right now, I am donuts, chips, Girl Scout cookies, and junk therefore my body is full of inflammation, pain, fatigue, and a laundry list of other issues because of the food choices I have been making.

I have a gluten and dairy allergy, so those things make my body extra angry 😡

I am an emotional eater and with everything happening in the world I have been filled with anxiety, the fun part for me is that I also have OCD which makes the anxiety about 1000x worse! Most people don't understand OCD for what it truly is, but it is much deeper than just repetitive actions- that is for another post.

I am getting back on track and have started a weight loss challenge in my Facebook Group: "Inspired By Lyme." If you would like to be part of the challenge please come JOIN our group. 💪🏽

I can promise you from experience and A LOT of dedication that the gluten, free, dairy free diet is possible, and it DOES work! I was able to modify almost all of my favorite recipes and still enjoy them without any crazy substitutes like tofu or strange cheeses. Also, it is important to note that the sugar cravings DO stop! I remember it was torture for the first 2 weeks or so and then once I got the sugar out of my diet, my body stopped craving it altogether. I put that to the test too- after I was detoxed from sugar, gluten, and dairy I tried to take a bite of and Oreo and wanted to vomit 🤮 Oreo's are my favorite and always have been, but they tasted different, something changed which is what I needed to keep me on track!

I will add some very basic photos I took off my phone of some of my favorite GF, DF meals!

Comment on this post if you would like the recipe for any of them because I am Italian and don't do recipes, I just toss shit in until it tastes good 😂, But I am trying to be better about writing things out, so hold me to it!

The information shared on this page is for informational purposes only, it is my opinion and should not be taken as medical advice. Always consult your medical provider for medical advice and before starting any new treatment.

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