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Lyme Journey Outline

I. Introduction:

· Who are you?

· Where are you from?

· How old are you?

· Family life: kids, spouse, pets

II. Life before Lyme/chronic illness set in:

· When is the last time you remember feeling good?

· What types of things did you enjoy doing before you got sick?

III. Medical journey:

· Do you remember being bitten by a tick?

· What symptoms did you have following the bite?

-This is where you can build your story, try to take it month by month or year by year and build your story based on symptom progression and other related topics (this is usually where you will have most of your story)

· Did you ever experience extreme reactions to other bites (flies, fleas, mosquitoes)

· Does anyone else in your family experience similar symptoms or has anyone else in your family been diagnosed with Lyme or chronic illness.

· What was your experience with testing?

· When did you finally get diagnosed?

· What was your diagnosis? Lyme only? Did you have co-infections?

· After you received the diagnosis of Lyme, looking back were you misdiagnosed and for how long?

IV. Life after diagnosis:

· How did you feel once you received your diagnosis?

· Did you run into issues with insurance?

· Did you experience issues with treatments?

· Were you unable to treat due to financial difficulty covering costs?

· What treatments have you tried? (Be specific, supplements, meds, alternative treatment)

· What treatments worked?

· Did you try any treatments that did not work for you?

· Have you been seen by a Lyme literate doctor, and do you care to share contact information?

V. Personal touches:

· How has your life changed since you were diagnosed?

· Has your illness had an impact on personal relationships/friendships?

· Please feel free to attach any images or videos you wish to share

· Resources: what websites, books, podcasts, documentaries, songs, or otherwise did you find most helpful?

· Advice: what advice would you offer to other who are on the same journey?


Please complete this to help others have a quick look at similarities. Give as much detail as possible.

Medication or Supplement:


Cause: (if known i.e: Lyme/co-infection)

Additional treatment (sauna/HBOT,etc.)

Resolution: (Were symptoms resolved)


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