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Visual Disturbances

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I decided to write about visual disturbances because they seem to be worsening lately. They have been a problem throughout this journey but lately it's unrelenting.

It is hard to explain the visual disturbances because they are all over the place, however, I have been experiencing the following:

  • Blurry vision

  • Vision shakiness

  • Floaters

  • Glare around objects (not after looking at light, I think there is a fancy name for this, but I cannot think of it at the moment)

  • Seeing objects moving when they are not

  • Feeling like I am on a boat

  • I have difficulty reading

  • Light sensitivity

  • Inability to focus on words on a page

I have shared Marisol Thomas' video below because I feel like it is literally me talking.... this has been my life. Like Marisol stated in her video, these symptoms are very anxiety provoking and in turn, the anxiety triggers panic attacks.

I think when vision is off, many other things are off at the same time or at least it can appear that way even if they are not actually off by medical standards. Over the years, I have been seen by multiple eye doctors, including specialists, everything checks out. Not only does everything check out, but I have near perfect vision. Most recently, I had some specialized testing done due to all of the floaters I was having, naturally all of that testing checked out as well! We all know that it's a blessing and a curse when this happens but it's also become the story of our lives.

Having normal lab results is certainly a relief, but you almost hope for them to find something right?

Why would anyone want abnormal test results?

Well, if you have an abnormal test, there is usually treatment to fix the problem.

We all want to feel better and more than that we want to be heard! To experience so many different symptoms that you know are very real and then to turn around and pass diagnostic testing with flying colors is a tough pill to swallow. If chronic illness patients were being graded based on diagnostic testing alone we would all be stellar students, at the top of our class! A normal diagnostic test, while relieving, is frustrating. You start to feel like the doctors don't believe you and like maybe you are going crazy.

You would think when illness takes over your body and compromises almost every system inside your body that diagnostic testing would light up! It remains a mystery to me how we can be so ill, yet pass all exams with flying colors.... I will never understand that.

Watch these videos for more info and refer to the websites below for additional help:

The information shared on this page is for informational purposes only, it is opinion and should not be taken as medical advice. Always consult your medical provider for medical advice and before starting any new treatment.

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