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World Poem

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Help us reflect for what we do not know

Will help us in time to learn and to grow

To learn and to grow and to live out Gods plan

To trust and to love both woman and man

Both woman and man were put here on earth

To fulfill Gods promise, to do Gods work

To do Gods work we must open our eyes

Put our own needs aside and help others realize

Help others realize we must unite to be great

For jealousy and greed will only breed hate

To only breed hate will do nothing at all

United we stand, divided we fall

Divided we fall this country we love

Lord help us to see we need your grace and your love

Your grace and your love can restore all lost faith

Your love never fails, so now we must wait

We must wait and be patient as you watch over this earth

For your love is so faithful it will all be worth

It will all be worth each tear that we’ve cried

For we know in the end you will always provide

You will always provide way more than we need

Help us remember we will always succeed

We will always succeed on the darkest of days

If we remain faithful and remember to pray

Remember to pray for your doctors and nurse

For each day they suit up and prepare for the worst

Prepare for the worst and fear the unknown

God’s angels on earth from heaven they’ve flown

They’ve flown here from heaven to protect and to serve

They don’t get the credit they truly deserve

They truly deserve all the honor and praise

For being so willing, for being so brave

For being so willing to risk their life

Lord help them feel peace when they lay down at night

Help them feel peace for the work that they do

Is a God given talent sent here by you

Pray for this country, pray for our land

Lord help us and heal us and hold out your hand

Hold out your hand for all who feel lost

Help us remember you have not forgot

You have not forgotten all that we need

In time you will bless us and help us to see

Help us to see we will be whole once again

Help us to see the ugly will end

When the ugly does end let kindness remain

Let’s us never forget that we must sustain

We must sustain as the human race

A much better world, a much better place

A place where no color, or gender, or trait

Should ever determine what’s put on our plate

What’s put on our plate should be love and acceptance

Instead we feel fear, shame, and rejection

A cross that’s too heavy and too great to bear

We must accept all our differences and show that we care

Show that we care for Gods’ men and women

Show that we care for all we’ve been given

For all we’ve been given can be taken away

It’s in God’s hands for how long things will stay

How long things will stay for the bad or the good

Will all be determined by all that we could

All we could do to right all our wrongs

For then Jesus will save us and help us move on

Help us move on from this mess that we’ve made

Help us to love and remember each day

Help us remember Gods plan will prevail

Help us remember he won’t let us fail

He won’t let us fail as long as we pray

Give glory to God each night and each day

Give glory to God each day and each night

Remember to thank him for all he made right

For all he made right should not be in vain

Give thanks to our God and let us remain

Let us Remain strong once again

And always remember that evil won’t win

Evil won’t win if we trust and we pray

Evil won’t win if we seek God each day.

written by: Lindsey

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